Saturday, 16 June 2012

SBI Interview Questions - Candidate Experiences 1

We hope the part 1 of SBI Interview Questions would have helped candidates preparing for State bank of India recruitment & other jobs to get a feel of what happens inside the hall.As said earlier, here is the Part 2 of Interview experiences shared by members on our Orkut community describing the questions asked.

These are posted on our website to give you the type of questions that one can expect before the panel.Trying to memorize them or praying for the same set of questions wont help you

sree describes her questions -
* Define Indian economy & how it emerges from recession
* What is a bank & who operates it
* What is SLR,PLR,CRR, Bank rate etc.
* A situation was given & was asked how would i react to it
* Authors of any novels 
* They also questions from UG & PG degree & why i chose bankin
* News in today's paper 
* Chairman of SBI
* Why would u like to join SBI  
* What is nationalization act?
* 3-4 questions were asked from degree subjects.
* Why studied B.E and choosing bank jobs
* Some questions about my hobbies. 
* Why airlines were stopped in European countries recently? 
* Who won the IPL trophy & who is the chairman of IPL

vιριη shares his friend`s experience ,
* What are the financial institution in India
* India`s finance minister
* Asked about RBI & their services
* How to reduce inflation
* What new services are provided by RBI
* Why choose banking after engineering
* Some questions about hobbies & personal

i nevr thk futur recollects that, the panel consisted of 4 members & the questions -
* Some questions from resume (about me, family background, hobbies etc)
* Since I'm an IT graduate ,some questions on computers
* What is networking & how many types of topologies
* Asked about conditions of women in our society

Concluded: This would be end of the two part series that discussed about SBI Interview.These shares will also help candidates preparing for upcoming SBI jobs

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