Job Profiles in Banks

Banks offer a wide variety of jobs to a variety of professionals. There are always so many actions behind the scenes happening in a bank. We have compiled this article to make numerous aspirants aware of the actions involved in various bank jobs. Having some prior knowledge about the job profile always creates a good impression. So below are various Bank jobs profiles along with common details related to them. 

Bank Clerks

Job Description :- Bank clerks handle various tasks that include Financial, personnel, Interest and accounts administration, Security and many more.
  • Account clerks are responsible for opening and closing of customer accounts.
  • Exchange clerks are responsible for managing translations of amount from one currency to another during transactions. 
  • Interest clerks keep track of interests involving those due on savings account customers and interests owed to the bank on loans and other investments. 
  • Statement Clerks are responsible for creating monthly balance sheets for checking customer account activities. Balance sheets reflect the transactions done over the last month.
  • Loan Clerks organize information about currently running Loans.
  • Security clerks are responsible for maintaining security of confidential transactional data. They keep track of various bonds, investment documents and other confidential data.
  • Besides these basic clerk job profiles, bank clerks also do other administrative tasks such as data entry, typing customer letters and other important tasks.
Eligibility Criteria :- Commonly, Bank clerks are required to be Intermediate pass (or equivalent such as a diploma) within an age group of 18-28 Yrs. However, some banks ask for graduates in age group of 20-30 yrs. also (Although rarely so). So candidates should carefully examine the advertisement before applying for any clerk job to make sure they meet the eligibility criteria. Knowledge of computer is always preferred.
Pay Scale :- Bank clerks are currently getting paid in a pay scale of Rs. 7200 - 19300/ Month (Approx Rs. 13,500/Month). The pay will increase as the next pay revision occurs.

Bank PO (Probationary Officers)

Job Description :- Aspiring candidates must be clear with their job profile as it is asked very commonly in bank interviews. Below are a few points highlighting roles of PO (Probationary officers) in Banks. 
  •  Bank Probationary Officer (PO) is the entry point in Officer scale in banks and the chances of growth are very goodfrom here if one performs well during the probation period. 
  •  During the probation period, officers may be asked to preform any work including any General banking and administration activity. The PO may be involved in any routine work such as accounting, marketing, finance, investment as well as billing.
  •  They may also have to handle any other work such as Loans management, consumer complaints or any other banking activity.Thus excellent communication skills are a need for a bank PO.
  • The activities of a PO are closely monitored by the immediate supervising officer and these reviews are considered at the time of confirmation of the PO as Assistant manager
  •  After confirmation, he/she may be posted in a relatively small branch where he/she will handle general activities such as passing a cheque, cash management and issuing of Drafts etc.
  • After gaining some experience, the officer will be given an opportunity to work in other specialized areas like planning, marketing, budgeting, processing of loan, investment management etc.
Eligibility Criteria :- Commonly, Bank PO aspirants are required to be Graduates in any discipline from a recognized University within an age group of 20-30 Yrs. However, some banks may deviate in these requirements and may increase or decrease required qualifications and age criteria. So candidates should carefully examine the advertisement before applying for any PO job to make sure they meet the eligibility criteria. Knowledge of computer is always preferred. 
Pay Scale :- Bank POs are paid currently handsome amounts with the basic salary being Rs. 17,000 in public sector banks (Rs. 20,000 in SBI and its associate banks). Along with the basic, there are many other additional benefits such as DA, CCA & HRA, conveyance allowance, news paper allowance etc. All these make the salary to come up to Rs. 24,000 - 25,000  Approx. The pay will increase as the next pay revision occurs.

Bank Specialist/Generalist Officers

Banks are also currently recruiting Generalist/Specialist officers in various scales. These scales are detailed as below :-
JMG Scale - I (Junior Management Scale I (Grade - B)) -> Generally No Experience Required)
MMG Scale - II (Middle Management Scale II ( Grade - A)) -> Generally, experience of two Years is required for jobs in this scale),
MMG Scale - III (Middle Management Scale III ( Grade - A)) -> Generally, experience of five or more Years is required for jobs in this scale,
SMG Scale-IV (Senior Management Scale IV - Grade - A)) -> These are Chief Managers and generally,experience of Ten to Fifteen Years is required for jobs in this scale,
A brief Description about various categories of specialist officers' jobs that are commonly announced are:-
  •  IT Officer :- IT Officers are now a days required by almost every bank in order to take care of its software systems as these days almost everything is Automated through IT Tools. IT Officers look into maintenance of servers, database and other networking aspects. Generally, candidates with B.E./B.Tech or M.Sc.(or Equivalent) Degree in Computer Science or any other stream where they studied Computer Science as a subject are eligible to apply for these posts.
  •  Law Officer :- LAW Officers are meant to handle Legal/Judicial matters related to the bank. A Bachelor Degree (LLB) and Post Graduate Degree in Law (LLM). CAIIB/MBA may be preferred over others. (CAIIB is Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers).
  •  Agriculture Officer :-
    •  An Agricultural officer is responsible for promoting loans in rural areas related to general and agricultural purposes under the various schemes framed by government and other financial institutions.
    •  The officer needs to have good relationships with farmers to do lead generation, client acquisition, site visit before the loan sanctioning. Also, officer needs to follow-up after the loan is disbursed for timely Loan recovery. The work is Mostly related to rural areas.
    • A Degree in Agriculture/ Horticulture/Animal Husbandry/ Veterinary Science/ Dairy Science/ Agri. Engineering/Fishery Science/ Pisciculture/ Agri Marketing & Cooperation from recognized university is Generally required to apply for agriculture officer jobs in banks. 
  •  There are many other roles defined for specialist officers in banks apart from the posts mentioned herein. Although these are the most commonly advertised ones. Candidates are advised to go through the advertisement to know exact requirements and job profiles of advertised posts.  
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