Bank jobs have always been a favourite choice for numerous people due to the obvious benefits they provide in these turbulent times. Talk about the uncertainty of future in many other sectors that are being widely affected by recent high-ups, bank jobs have again started to make people compete for them. As per government, More than Three Lakh Bank Jobs vacancies are expected to be filled in public sector banks in next three years.
Jobs in banks are in many ways preferable over other sectors as they provide unmatched security and satisfaction. Recently made considerable salary hikes have also provoked the job seekers to go for bank jobs. On a wide scale, There are three types of banks offering various jobs to interested people which are Public Sector banks, Private and Foreign banks. Public sector banks are government-run and thus they are different in many aspects from private and foreign banks.
Bank jobs are traditionally considered to be meant for Commerce and finance students only. However, this is not the truth anymore with banks entering new trending fields now such as Mutual funds, insurance and trading in gold and Forex activities etc. Thus banks now need more qualified professionals from different fields to support these activities. Thus banks are now hiring from 12th pass candidates to CAs (Chartered Accountants) including MBA Graduates and many more.
Public sector banks are now also hiring at a good rate due to opening of new branches and stating of new services to serve wide range of customers. Retirements of more people have also caused more spots to be vacated for the young people. This has increased the competition in bank exams by many folds which in turn makes it tough for the banks to manage such large number of applications and it causes delaying of results.
Taking these issues into account government decided to centralize the written phases for recruitment into 19 public sector banks into one common exam. This exam is organized by IBPS (Institute of Banking personnel selection).The exam is conducted twice an year (Once for PO and once for Clerks posts).Click here to know more about Common Bank Exam.
Bank exams are not tough at all. The questions are very easy, But the main problem lies in large number of Applicants and less number of seats. So Cut-offs are high for each section which makes Time-management a deciding factor among success and failure. So, in bank exams, you have to attempt each part but with a fair consideration of time.
Current affairs (or General Awareness) is a major challenge faced by many candidates as there is no limit on what could be asked in this section. Candidates should focus on preparing common banking terms and recent trends in banking industry as most of the questions are related to recent trends in banking industry. This section can save you a lot of time if prepared well. Click here to know more about tackling General awareness in bank exams.

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