Saturday, 16 June 2012

Role of Probationary Officers in Banks – Quick Guide

role of po in banks,probationary officer jobs,po bank jobs in indiaProbationary Officer is one of the post regularly advertised for bank recruitments, but many candidates do not know the work involved or the exact meaning of PO.One of our readers had asked a question regarding the role of probationary officer in banks.

Hence we felt it would be better to analyze the job profile in detail, enabling freshers to understand the position better before applying for upcoming bank exams.So, what are the functions of a Probationary Officer in bank ?

Probationary Officer is the first entry point for a job in bank, especially to fresh graduates & those without prior experience.The PO will report to their immediate senior officer,who will closely monitor & evaluate the performance of him/her for a certain period.

While on job, Probationary officers will have to take up assignments given by their managers.Along with training,they will also be deployed across various departments of the bank to gain exposure in operations & working of bank.So,in short,the PO must be willing to take up any work during the probation period in order to understand the process effectively & to scale greater heights and reach higher positions.

Probation period : Normally,the probation period for PO`s will be for 2 years.The probation period can also considered as the learning phase. Hence it is extremely important to be in good conduct,during probation.Banks have the right to terminate the employee during the probation,if he/she does not fit the position.

Salary: The payscale for probationary officers ranges between Rs.10,000 - 18,240. Depending on the post & grade after successful completion of probation,the pay scale may increase.An increase in salary for bank employees has been approved recently

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