Saturday, 16 June 2012

How to Prepare for Bank Exams – 4 Practical Tips

Ever since the start of recession fears in IT companies, college freshers have started to look at options that offer job security.So is the reason for many grads to choose government jobs over high paying private sector jobs.A new trend seems to have emerged among Indian youth as they aggressively look to join public sector banks.So how to prepare for bank exams?

Here is a compilation of practical tips prepared by that can be put to use by both - new applicants & those who were not able to crack banking exams so far.

These were sourced after our discussions with few bank exam training institutes. 

What job in banks?

Like any other organization govt. owned banks also has many positions & eligibility conditions, job profile, salary etc., differs for each.But for a fresher there are only 3 avenues.They are

  • Clerk or Single window operator (SWO)
  • Probationary Officer
  • Specialist Officer
So first, decide on the position that you want to join & be sure of fulfilling the criteria set for it.Checkout what posts are available in banks for details of each.

Plan early for common exam: preparing for exams,studying for exams

Having decided on the post, its time to begin preparations for examinations.With the introduction of common written exam by Institute of banking personnel selection (IBPS) for bank jobs – you will have to appear for one single test & can apply to any bank recruitments with that score.

The question paper will most probably contain the following sections:
Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude or Numerical reasoning, English, General awareness & Computer knowledge
Since the PO & clerical exams is conducted twice a year & specialist officer once a year, you have ample time to prepare.

Take efforts:

Whatever be the mode of preparing, personal effort is very much required as the competition will be high.
  • Understand the exam pattern & frame shortcuts or easy methods for answering a question within the given time.
  • Regular practice will boost your confidence level attend the exam without fear.
  • Keep an eye on the upcoming bank exams & jobs to gather as much information about the specific banking organization that you wish to apply.

Practicing leads to perfection:

The more you practice, the better are your chances of clearing the examination.There are two methods to go about,
  • By joining a coaching centre, you will have access to trainers for solving doubts, regular mock tests & individual attention.The package starts from Rs.6000 & goes upto Rs.10,000
  • Through self study, you will have to devote some time among other works in preparing for the exam papers.Solved question papers, guides & workbooks are available in bookshops nowadays with which you can prepare from home.Books cost you in the range of Rs.200-500
Interviews: After clearing the written tests, Group discussion or Interviews will be the deciding factor in selecting the candidate for appointment.
  • To answer interview questions, knowledge about latest events especially business & banking related news are required.
  • For this, reading newspapers & watching business new channels will infuse deeper insight on various topics.

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