Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bank PO English EN04

Find out the error in the sentences given below
a) The information provided
b) to us were not
c) as useful as we thought
d) it would be
e) No error

a) In spite of the late hour
b) and the bad weather
c) Ravi decided to brave it out
d) and drink at bar
e) No error

a) We measured our
b) height and found that
c) Raman is tallest
d) than me
e) No error

a) He asked me
b) when could I
c) finish
d) the work
e) No error

a) There was no play
b) on the fourth day
c) of the test match
d) due to the heavy rain
e) No error

a) Our teacher
b) Oftem emphasises on
c) the need for
d) a lot of oral practice
e) No error

a)He was unanimously
b) elected
c) the director
d) of our company
e) no error

a) He told me that
b) he couldn`t buy the books
c) which he wanted very much
d) because he hadn`t enough money
e) No error

a) There is no book
b) in marketing section
c) which is as interesting
d)as this
e) No errror

a)Mukesh`s salary
b) is much
c) higher than
d) lokesh
e) No error

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