Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bank Exam English EN02

a) Sarita was popular /
b) with her classmate that/
c) she always had some or/
d) the other coming to her house/
e) no error
a) The programme which/
b) came on television/
c) These days in the evenings/
d) is very interesting./
e) No error
a) Prakash was leading/
b) a happy and leisurely life/
c) after his retirement/
d) from service./
e) No error
a) ‘Yavanika’ is one/
b) of the latest/
c) addition to good drama/
d) which appeared in recent times./
e) No error
a) Children visiting the/
b) park amused/
c) by the monkeys/
d) play in the cages./
e) No error
a) The car flew off the road/
b) and fell into the velly/
c) because Amit/
d) was driving faster./
e) No error
a) Sadhana was the one person/
b) who could somehow manage/
c) to working in the section/
d) for such a long time./
e) No error
a) Sooner than he had arrived/
b) his friends arranged a reception/
c) in his honour in/
d) the best hotel in town./
e) No error.
a) The number of people/
b) applying were so large/
c) that the college had to/
d) stop issuing application forms./
e) No error
a) If you will/
b) follow my instructions/
c) you will get/
d) a suitable reward for that./
e) No error

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